Risk Management

Is Your Fleet At Risk?

The risks faced by organizations that use commercial motor vehicles are varied and constantly changing. Unfavorable road conditions, vehicle breakdowns, logistical difficulties, weather, and regulatory compliance all represent substantial challenges for companies that rely heavily on transportation.

MFS is aware that fleets must adopt risk management strategies not only to protect cargo and employees, but also to minimize the liabilities that can negatively impact future business. 

Risk Management is key….

Risk management is an essential part of any organization that uses commercial motor vehicles. It allows businesses to plan and manage risks more effectively, and provides flexibility in how they respond to potential risks.

Fleet risk management is a critical process for transportation companies, aimed at identifying potential hazards and developing strategies to mitigate or eliminate them. Given the unique nature of each company, the risks they face will vary, making fleet risk management an essential tool for ensuring safety and success.

Drivers are the key!

Drivers are the backbone of any operation that involves a fleet. It is very important that their driving techniques are compliant with both the company’s standards and state and federal regulations. Failure to do so could result in major damages to cargo, vehicles, and workers.

We provide a number of video solutions that can both assist in raising awareness about safety issues and validate driver’s actions. Our technology not only notifies management of risky driving behaviors but also delivers in-cab driver coaching at the exact same time that the unsafe driving behavior is taking place.  Our solutions include forward-facing, driver-facing, passenger-side, and driver-side backup cameras. If you have a need for video, we have a viable camera solution.

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