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Fleet Telematics

It can be a frustrating experience to learn that you are exposed to various factors such as accidents, fuel prices, maintenance, and safety.

Telematics provides visibility into the when, where, and how your assets are used on a regular basis, allowing you to keep one step ahead of the difficulties faced by your fleet.

Telematics gives extensive information about your vehicle’s direction, speed, departure time, arrival time, and location in a short period of time.

Telematics solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of a fleet can be beneficial to operations of any scale. Accessing the data from your fleet vehicles is a simple process thanks to new technology. 

MFS is your Fleet Services Partner

We can diagnose and repair all of your vehicle needs and get you back on the road 24-hours a day.

With Matthews Fleet Management Systems (FMS), you can manage your fleet’s daily operations in near real-time. Using data, you can cut costs, reduce downtime, boost productivity, and maximize your fleet operations efficiency every business day.

Our innovative, cutting-edge platform gives fleet managers access to powerful data analytics tools that make it easy to track fleet performance and make informed decisions based on data-driven insights.

Fleet Telematic Services We Provide

condition and helps to avoid any costly repairs or replacements down the road. At MFS, we pride ourselves on being innovators in the field of fleet maintenance solutions. Our cutting-edge solutions are designed to improve fleet operations and extend vehicle life cycles.

Emergency Breakdown – There is no definite way of knowing when a breakdown will occur. However, some roadside assistance programs may not be able to provide the protection you need.  MFS can handle all of your emergency needs, 24/7.

Data Analysis – Review your fleet’s performance over time to identify important trends by team, department or company-wide. Our customizable dashboards make it easy to review your progress towards your goals in real time.

Doing business with our company you have the opportunity to take advantage of the following benefits: 

  • Asset tracking – Our fleet tracking software provides all information in a structured style that enables you to know the activities of each vehicle in a detailed but user-friendly manner.
  • Reduce fuel cost – Reduce wasteful idling and speeding, which raise fuel expenditures. Monitor fuel usage and mileage to assist identify engine problems that affect MPG. Reduce usage after hours.
  • Fleet optimization – Idle vehicles cost money. When a vehicle is sitting idle at your location or a repair facility it is not generating revenue. 
  • Load Optimization – Cameras and sensors now enable any business to monitor the load on a particular vehicle in real time.
  • Driver Safety – Receive risk and safety reports, rapid accident alerts, and track driver behaviors based on your company’s policies. Because it is embedded in our Artificial Intelligence to ensure that you only get the alerts that are relevant to you.

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