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Fleet Software

MFS proprietary software enables you to concentrate on running your company while we take care of all of your vehicle service needs. 

We keep your fleet well-maintained and compliant by combining our platform with a network of qualified technicians and providers. We will assign a professional account manager to work side-by-side with you.

Our software provides personalized analytics, the ability to make data-based decisions, and metrics-based accountability.

And there is more even more…

We collect extensive data on every breakdown or repair to help you minimize the number of maintenance events. We provide relevant information to help your maintenance personnel quickly identify issues that need to be addressed with your fleet and make even better maintenance decisions by utilizing predictive analytics.

We provide you with unique insights that enable you to obtain greater control over your fleet. By measuring your company’s miles between breakdowns and miles between repairs, you can compare it year over year against regions or locations to identify opportunities for improvement.

Our proprietary software eliminates maintenance scheduling uncertainty. It enables you to arrange recurring maintenance in accordance with your business needs and the OEM’s recommendations. 

Automatic scheduling allows you to reduce the expenses and inconveniences connected with equipment downtime. Preventative maintenance is always conducted on time in order to keep vehicles and equipment operational, safe, and in optimum condition. This reduces the chance of costly and unexpected breakdowns.

MFS’s objective is to provide our very own service technicians to each and every repair. In the event that we are unable to, we have established partnerships with some of the most reputable repair facilities in the industry.

Fleet management strategy makes long-term decisions about the structure and operations of your fleet.

A successful fleet management strategy will reduce downtime, increase driver safety, and grow your company’s profits.

If you’re looking to cut costs, improve driver safety, and reduce your environmental impact, we can help you achieve your goals.

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